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Before liver cleansing, it is important to clean the bowel with a colonic which creates space for the liver cleanse to take place.  For info on Colon Hydrotherapy, click here.

Many people suffer with the symptoms and signs of a dysfunctional liver for years, and yet the treating doctor/practitioner does not recognize the significance of these symptoms. The result is that the symptoms get treated while the underlying problem of an inefficient liver is ignored or only partially treated. The patient's symptoms deteriorate, and increasing doses of drugs such as antibiotics, anti- inflammatory medication, immune-suppressants, pain killers, cholesterol lowering drugs etc, are needed.

Chinese doctors have long considered the liver to be the most important organ in the body and indeed they call the liver, the "General of the Army" of the body.

When the liver needs cleansing various external signs and symptoms may manifest, including:

• Coated tongue
• Bad breath
• Skin rashes
• Itchy skin (pruritus)
• Excessive sweating
• Offensive body odour
• Dark circles under the eyes
• Yellow discoloration of the eyes
• Red, swollen, itchy eyes (allergic eyes)
• Acne rosacea - (red pimples around the nose, cheeks and chin)
• Brownish spots and blemishes on the skin (liver spots)
• Red palms and soles which may also be itchy and inflamed
• Flushed facial appearance or excessive facial blood vessels (capillaries/veins)

When the liver needs cleansing, internal systems may be compromised.

NERVOUS SYSTEM  Metaphysically the liver is known as the ‘seat of anger’. Depression, anger, irritability, frustration, violent anger, poor concentration, recurrent headaches (including migraine) associated with nausea.

IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION Allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, dermatitis, hives, etc, multiple food and chemical sensitivities, skin rashes and inflammations, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, recurrent viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.

HORMONAL IMBALANCE Side effects to hormone replacement therapy or the contraceptive pill, chronic menstrual problems, scanty menstruation, severe menopausal symptoms.

DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS Constipation, poor digestion, hemorrhoids, gas, bloating, gall stones.

ABNORMAL METABOLISM OF FATS  Excessive weight gain, which may lead to obesity, inability to lose weight even while dieting, sluggish metabolism. Lumps of fat in the skin (lipomas and other fatty tumors), neck and breast.

CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE DISEASES  Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis.

What does the Liver Cleanse involve?
The Coffee Enema For Liver Detoxification is historical; it is used in the Gerson Cancer Therapy which has been recommended by holistic and alternative medicine professionals for many years.

The coffee enema is used to detoxify the liver and not the colon. It is a low-volume enema which is gravity fed into the bowel and remains only in the sigmoid colon. There is a duct between the sigmoid colon and the liver called the entero-hepatic circulation system. When the stool reaches this point, it contains many toxins, which are sent to the liver for detoxification.
The caffeine that is absorbed into the entero-hepatic system causes the liver ducts, including the bile ducts, to empty into the sigmoid colon. Releasing the toxins in the liver ducts, makes room for toxins from the body to enter the liver for detoxification.

The alkaloids in the caffeine (kahweol and cafestol palmitate) stimulate the production of the enzyme glutathione S-transferase which facilitates the liver detoxification pathways. Two other chemicals in the caffeine (theophylline and theobromine) dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut. The coffee enema is safe even for people who are sensitive to caffeine because the coffee remains in the sigmoid colon, where it will not be absorbed.

When is Liver Cleanse available at The Wellington Centre?
Fiona Corliss offers this on Fridays from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., and on other evenings by arrangement.

Liver Cleanse is offered as an ‘extra’ with Colon Hydrotherapy (£65 + £10) or with Colon Hydrotherapy plus Natural Nutrition (£85 + £10).

To book, call Fiona on 01424-777820 or 07817-921916, or e-mail