There’s nothing better than feeling good within your body and living life with more zest and energy. Pilates studio classes can do just that, whether you are old or young, an expert or novice, a postnatal mum, an over-stressed dad or even someone recovering from back problems this technique will suit you.

Every part of the body is worked to obtain all round strength. The small muscle groups are used to balance and condition the body making it more powerful and less prone to injury. As well as core-strength resulting in a flatter stomach, you can improve your posture and all over tone and flexibility, whilst the mind is focused with breathing exercises. The focus of Pilates Matwork classes is on creating balance in the body, strengthening the core postural muscles and working on stability and co-ordination.


Pilates Equipment

MON-fri, various times • 60 minutes

These classes are taken on Balanced Body Allegro and Studio Reformers and Pilates Trapeze Tables in a light and airy studio and are private or semi-private classes.



Pilates Matwork


Unlike the Pilates equipment classes, Pilates Matwork use your body weight to provide the resistance that your muscles work against. The class size is 8-12 people.


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Pilates Matwork Class Timetable

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