SEPTEMBER: SAMVIDA SWIFT - Complementary Therapies, Herbal Medicine, Massage


I have been practicing for over twenty five years as a holistic therapist, combining treatments to suit the needs of the individual.  I started in 1992 as a sports massage therapist, moving quickly into the field of postural therapy and I now specialise in soft tissue treatments for the neck and and shoulder area often combined with CST.


I spent four years full time studying in London for a degree in Herbal medicine (qualifying in 2002), which satisfied my passion for understanding physiology and also learning about the common native plants which gave rise to the orthodox medicines which we have today. 

I then discovered Craniosacral therapy and spent two years training in my foundation qualifying in 2002 and have have been continuing with post graduate trainings ever since.

I have gone on to specialise in trauma work and often see clients who are undergoing counselling or psychotherapy.


CST is an extremely relaxing, profound, non-invasive treatment for all age groups including young babies with conditions such as colic and for mums during and after pregnancy.  

CST is helpful for stress related conditions, physical and emotional trauma. 

Migraine, jaw problems, and whiplash for example are often eased by CST and it is helpful for maintaining health and emotional balance in our every day lives.  


We tend to hold a lot of our tension in the neck, shoulder, and often the jaw.  I have come to specialise in working with the neck, as I can release most of the stress just by thoroughly softening and lengthening the muscles that may be restricting nerve supply and movement to the head leading to misalignment through the rest of the upper body.  I offer the neck treatments in combination with CST or as a stand alone treatment.


I spend approximately an hour taking a full medical history and discussing what course of action I would propose with regard to any dietary, and lifestyle changes, decide on a mix of herbal extracts and tinctures and make them up for you at my home pharmacy.  


Craniosacral Therapy        1hr.         £45

CST / Neck massage.       1hr.         £45

CST for babies & small children    30 mins  £25

Neck & Shoulder massage.           30 mins. £30

Herbal consultation including medicines £60


Available Saturdays 11am - 3pm  

Bookings and further information contact:

Samvida 07976215808