Nikolas Gripp

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Nikolas is a certified Rebirthing BreathWork Practitioner and is fully insured to practice.  

He started Rebirthing Breathwork for personal growth and one of the first benefits he witnessed was increase of confidence. The critical inner voice settled, he was able to deal with past trauma and became more forgiving and understanding. While connecting with the subconscious mind he became more creative as an artist and had a greater desire for Life!

After transforming his life he is eager to help others on their journey!

Using Conscious connected Breathing one breathes in Prana, also known as Chi or Life Force Energy, which helps clear blockages and trauma from the body. It improves your breathing, increases energy, deals with stress and anxiety.

Improve your Breathing, Improve your Life!


  • Group sessions (maximum of six people) - £20 for 2 hours

  • Please make contact if you wish to book a private breathwork session


Call Nikolas on 07787214515 or email:

Please see the 'Workshops' section of our website to find out more about Nikolas' workshops