Becca Horn


Becca lives in Hastings and has practised yoga herself for over ten years. In 2015 Becca took her Level One 200-hour Teacher Training Qualification at RYS-accredited Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, India.

Having suffered varying degrees of back pain on and off throughout her adult life, Becca has always been conscious of practising safely. This led her to discover pilates upon completion of her yoga training as she sought to strengthen her core, protect her back and facilitate the continuation of her yoga practise. Becca swiftly discovered the advantages to practising both simultaneously and, over the last two years, developed a yoga class which marries the strengthening benefits of pilates exercises to the soulful mind-body connection that yoga brings, leaving you standing taller both physically and mentally: Becca calls it Straight Up Yoga.


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