Eric B. Litwack


Eric is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist-in-training at the Bowlby Centre in London. As such, he is governed by the ethics guidelines of the Bowlby Centre.

People enter psychotherapy for many reasons, including the desire to face personal challenges linked to personality formation, social interactions, and persistent situations that need improvement. Common among today’s challenges are anxiety, depression, social difficulties and personality disorders, among many others. Whatever is at stake, change is not only desirable but possible over time. In order to bring about this change, looking at early and lifelong attachment patterns can be very constructive. Psychotherapy can help you to turn understanding into insight, and insight into growth. 

Attachment and psychoanalytic therapies are psychodynamic, which means that we treat the entire person as someone who has a meaningful story to tell, and a particular life to lead. Understanding and learning from that story will allow us to change our behaviour so as to lead more productive, functional and meaningful lives. Eric also has a particular interest in learning from our dreams, which he will welcome you to bring to the sessions.

Eric draws upon his training as a Ph.D. philosopher in order to add a dimension of meaning and clarity to his work.

As a moral and social philosopher, he has worked as an ethics consultant to both the British and Canadian governments, and as such he has a keen interest in the diverse problems faced by people in institutional and professional settings.

Areas of Expertise

I am an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist-in-training based in Hastings, East Sussex, and I am studying at the Bowlby Centre in London. 

I provide once or twice weekly therapy for individuals in order to help them with a broad range of difficulties in life.

My Approach

"Tell me what you fear and I will tell you what happened to you."

D. W. Winnicott

In attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we will together explore elements of both your past and your present with the aim of shaping a better future. Entering psychotherapy for the first time is always a sign of the courage to change. Just beginning to work with someone new is also a significant step forward, and I will make every effort to facilitate this move in a sympathetic and ethical manner. 

In our sessions, we will look for patterns in your life that point to common origins in the past and which continue to affect you today. This will involve helping you to gain insight through reflections, the building of clear narratives or significant stories, and the interpretation of your dreams. Over time, this tends to help people to clarify how they got to where they are, where they are likely to go, and where to look for a sense of meaning and fulfilment. The overall result of this special process is your personal growth, against the background of your attachment style and development.

Sessions will be fifty minutes long, and will be held once or twice a week. The duration of therapy is highly variable and will depend upon your goals and the sort of change and understanding that you seek. Your confidentiality will be respected, and I am bound by the ethics guidelines of the Bowlby Centre.


Assessment: An initial appointment of fifty minutes, free of charge. This will involve getting to know each other and answering whatever questions you may have about the therapy process.

Frequency: Once or twice a week for a to be determined period.

Therapy Fees: Standard is £30-45 per fifty-minute hour, with some concessions available.

Languages: English, Français


2pm to 6pm on Saturdays


To make an appointment please text Eric on: 075305 44497 or email him at: