Harry Crane

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Hi, my name is Harry, I found yoga and meditation 3 years ago and have been pretty addicted ever since. Everyone has a different approach and style and I personally find it is useful to learn from as many and as diverse a range of teachers as possible. In yoga there is a concept called Prana which means breath but also life-force. In the practice we are trying to cultivate Prana or life-force. You could translate that as taking actions that make you stronger not weaker, actions that increase your vitality and life-force, not weaken them. Thus, I see yoga as holistic. Is the food I am about to eat going to weaken me or give me energy? If I don't say what I truly feel will this weaken me or strengthen me psychologically? Is my going too far in the pose going to weaken me in the long run? Is my taking it easy in the pose going to serve me in the long term? For me the best way to practice is to find your own edge, the point at which you will cultivate the most strength (physical, energetic, and mental), and once you have found that point using the breath to expand from there. 

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