Jarvia Foxter


Jarvia is committed to providing you with the highest standard of care, within a wide scope of evidence based practice, with compassion and professional excellence. She is committed to the successful recovery and wellbeing of her patients and clients alike.

Jarvia is an Osteopath and Diagnostic Radiographer and her dual career has given her an extensive library of first-hand experience helping patients suffering all levels of pain, injuries, conditions & disease.

Her approach is informed by over 25 years of professional and personal experience, working across different disciplines and systems of medicine, diagnosing and treating patients with injuries, pain and health conditions from a variety of perspectives. She has worked with hundreds of thousands of patients in diagnostic investigations, surgical & interventional procedures in hospitals and private practice.

She is ready to put her expertise to work for you, to help you take control of your condition and recovery, so that you feel better sooner, to enjoy what life has to offer at home and at work. She will help you understand more about your condition, what the problem is and what can be done to support your immediate relief and successful recovery.

I love working with people from all walks of life who share the common goal of wanting greater ease and freedom in their body and mind, to enjoy what life has to offer them. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your general condition, health or sense of well-being, I provide the resources to do so in a healing and supportive environment.
— Jarvia Foxter


Your treatment plan is tailored to your condition, needs and preferences, with a priority to relieve pain, improve symptoms, reduce recovery time and improve your understanding of your current condition.
Jarvia provides some of the most effective, non-invasive, non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical based interventions to help you achieve a successful recovery from pain & injury, as well as discovering helpful tips for optimal mobility and wellness.

1. Osteopathy is an effective primary healthcare system which focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation and recovery from a wide range of pain, injuries, symptoms and conditions. Osteopaths are renowned for successfully treating back problems and spinal injuries, but they treat the whole body, joint problems, soft tissue injuries and a wide range of musculoskeletal dysfunction and other pain disorders.

2. Medical Acupuncture uses current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology and the principles of evidence based medicine. It is used to treat a wide range of conditions, pain and the effects of stress on the body.

3. Bioenergy helps restore the body’s electron levels for optimal function, which improves blood viscosity, reduces inflammation and pain levels. An adequate level of electrons is required for optimal human function, such as: blood viscosity, energy and inflammation levels. These electrons appear to be foundational, representing an indispensable kind of “nutrient” that if deficient or missing can cause a wide range of health problems, such as pain and inflammation.

4. Neuroacoustics is an emerging health practice in the area of frequency medicine. It is a natural, brain-based therapy which uses live gong sound frequencies to induce a deep state of rest in the mind and body. The frequencies relaxes electrical activity in the brain and this helps the nervous system to relax, which is important for the chemicals of repair and regeneration to be released. Accessing this type of rest reduces the effects of stress, pain levels and sleep deficiency by helping you reach the repair stages of the sleep cycle. Improving the quality of your sleep health not only benefits your immediate sense of wellbeing, but is also known to improve pain levels, inflammation, stress levels, metabolism, blood pressure, skin, emotional balance, mood, memory, creativity, performance and interpersonal relationships.


Initial Consultation

30 minutes £65

Initial Consultation with Treatment

45 minutes £85

20 MINUTES £45
30 MINUTES £65
45 MINUTES £85
55 MINUTES £100


To book please call reception on 01424 442 520 or Jarvia on 07903 830 743 or email: jarviafoxter@googlemail.com


“I met Jarvia by chance when I was looking for an osteopath and booked a consultation. I found her to be an effective, skilled and extremely knowledgeable practitioner. She is passionate about wellness and offered multiple after care options in a variety of disciplines. “ Pamela