Laura Clarke

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From a young age I have been fascinated by how people think, feel and behave, how we find our way in the world, how we get what we want and often a lot of what we don't want.

Human beings can be incredibly resilient. That resilience can really help us, but sometimes means we put up with more than we should. I am passionate about helping people identify what they really want and need, regardless of the messages they have received through childhood, relationships or society about how they 'should' be.

As we go through life, most of us experience times of stress and challenge, from bereavement and loss, to relationship problems, workplace stress and emotional issues. Some of us experience more severe challenges around trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic phobias and psychological disorders.

We don’t have to face these issues alone - it’s normal and healthy to seek guidance.

I offer a warm, welcoming and confidential space, where you will be valued, heard and given the time to explore what you need and want to experience.

I am a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, offering psychotherapy, counselling and coaching. At this stage you may not know which one of these you would prefer or perhaps a blend of all three. In our first session we will talk through which one might  be the best fit for you. To find our more about the differences you can take a look at my website which explains things a little further:

 I currently work in private practice here at The Wellington Health & Wellbeing Centre as well as for a counselling centre in St Leonard's which offers therapy to adults.

I have extensive experience of working with young people in secondary and primary school settings. I am a director of local organisation, The Egg @The Eggtooth Project, providing high quality therapy and confidence building opportunities to young people and their families.

I also work with staff in schools, supporting them via clinical supervision. This ensures staff with emotionally demanding workloads have a safe space to reflect on their practice and themselves. In addition, I have several years experience of delivering personal coaching.

I trained at The Wealden Institute of Psychology where I gained a Diploma in Transactional Analysis (TA). TA is an extremely effective mode of psychotherapy that focuses on the theory of personality, creating significant personal growth and change. I am a member of UKATA (UK Association of Transactional Analysis) and EATA (European Association of Transactional Analysis) and work within the their code of ethics.

Please contact Laura by calling: 07801 704304 or email: