Relate Relationship Counselling

What is Relationship Counselling?

If you're going through a difficult time in your relationship or want to be able to talk more openly with your partner, Relationship Counselling can help.

Our counsellors provide a supportive, constructive and confidential environment in which you can think about problems and talk over ways to address them.

You can come to counselling if you're single, in a relationship, straight, gay, bi or trans. Whatever is worrying you - we can help. 

Relationship Counselling offers you time and space to reflect on how you behave in relationships and helps you understand why you feel and respond the way you do. For couples it can also help you gain an understanding of your partner's behaviour and help you communicate better. 

Tips for a healthy relationship

Talk openly, listen actively - Poor communication is behind so many relationship issues whereas talking openly and listening actively builds bridges and helps us to remain connected. Avoid having “taboo subjects” that block communication. Set aside some regular time to check in on your relationship.

Do things together you love –Spending quality time together, strengthens relationships and creates happy memories. Be proactive and arrange to do something you’ll both enjoy. It doesn’t have to be expensive - why not go for a bike ride, try out a new recipe or learn a language together.

Create space for yourself –Having separate interests, friends and spending time alone may not make you feel closer to your partner at the time, but when you see each other again, you’re likely to feel more connected. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one of all. Book out some me time and make the most of it.

Think of love as a skill –Hollywood films and romantic novels heavily influence the way we approach relationships but take them with a pinch of salt. The myth of “the one” can lead people to think that if they’ve found the right person they shouldn’t have to work at their relationship. This attitude can make us stay in unhealthy relationships for too long or leave pretty good ones without giving things a proper try. All relationships take work and the more you practice at them and learn from your mistakes the better you’ll get. 

Seek support early –We know that relationship counselling works - 95% of Relate clients say their communication is “better” after attending couples counselling.  Despite the importance of good quality relationships for our health and wellbeing people often don’t seek help until things have already reached crisis point.  You get your car MOT’d so why not do the same for your relationship? Book a session with a couple’s counsellor to find out if there’s anything you might want to work on. 

Relate Relationship Counselling is now available at The Wellington Health & Wellbeing Centre


Please call 01273 697997 for more information or to book an initial appointment