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 Sharon offers a fully customised holistic tattoo experience. All bookings begin with a free one-to-one consultation, during which, all aspects of the tattoo are considered. This will include the emotional, physical and artistic needs of the client, prior experience with tattooing and an evaluation of the proposed location on the body, especially if the site includes any old/unwanted tattoos, or scarring. Sharon has experience working with all types of skin and many common types of scar tissue, and is happy to offer free advice on your suitability for tattooing.

The tattoo designs are all strictly custom artwork. References are always welcome at the consultation stage, but designs will not be copied from other artists. Each piece is designed to best meet the individual client’s body and needs.

The tattoo process is carried out by appointment only, in a private, safe and peaceful environment. Every effort is made to ensure a comfortable and rewarding experience. 

Full aftercare advice is given, and support is available throughout the healing process. All clients are then offered a follow up appointment, one month after the procedure to check the healed result and to perform any finishing touches if necessary. 

The whole experience is geared towards providing a fulfilling and therapeutic experience, as well as a piece of custom art.

 Sharon is deeply passionate about tattooing. As both an ancient and traditional form of artistic expression, and as a therapy, that can deeply affect how we relate to our bodies, our lives and the events that shape them. 

Sharon tattoos in many styles, but particularly enjoys spiritual and symbolic tattoos, including blackwork, dotwork, ornamental tattooing and sacred geometry. 


Consultations are available on request and are free of charge.

 The minimum charge for tattooing is £50.

Single sitting tattoos are priced on the piece. Based on a rate of £50 set up fee, plus £50 per hour of tattooing time.

Tattoos completed over multiple sessions are charged by 1/2 day rate (£150) or full day rate (£300).

 (Prices include all original artwork with a reasonable amount of revisions, the tattoo session, aftercare and the follow up appointment.)


 Appointments are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

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Facebook/Instagram: @sharonlmerchant