Simone Smith


Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Who are you when no-one is looking? Do you have dreams of living a different life? Do you have the courage to fulfil your highest potential?

There are many questions we can ask ourselves in pursuit of feeling better or becoming more emotionally healthy.  Many of the issues we face later in life were mapped out in our earliest years and the therapeutic relationship helps us to understand and overcome these patterns of behaviour that limit our potential in adulthood.  Having the courage to face our deepest fears may only truly be understood in times of distress but when they arise it is the opportunity to build stronger foundations in ourselves.

In the sessions you will explore what is going on in your life to understand how this impacts on your day to day living and how you can best generate freedom of choice for yourself.

About me

I am Psychotherapeutic Counsellor who has extensive experience in addiction and substance abuse recovery. My specialism has resulted in travels around the world to learn the wisdom of ancient civilisations to harness the power of the subconscious mind through accessing different states of consciousness.

I hold a degree level qualification in Humanistic Counselling and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. As a survivor of early trauma myself, I have first-hand experience in the bravery it takes to triumph over adversity and face one’s own fears. I bring this experience to help you navigate through some of the toughest times of your life and to reach a state of self-acceptance that was once never believed achievable.

I work with with teenagers and adults in many area, these include:


-Anxiety and Depression 

-Perinatal mental health


-Narcissistic Abuse


-Transpersonal Exploration 

I have experience in working for Substance Abuse Recovery Support agency (Change Grow Live) Perinatal Charity (Afterthoughts) and as a counsellor working with Young people having mental health difficulties (The Eggtooth Project).

My work is structured around my main training in Transactional Analysis and includes Inner Child Integration work and Shadow Exploration.

My passion is supporting those who seek their own truth through psychological and transpersonal exploration.


Each individual 50 minute session is £50 and discount is given when booking blocks of 6 or 12. I give a free 25 minute consultation either by phone or face to face.

Availability and contact details

Feel free to contact me by phone on 01424 235 560 or email

I am available for sessions on skype and telephone for times it is more convenient.

Please visit my website for more information