Andria Degens

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Andria is a highly experienced yoga teacher and practitioner of yoga. Her teaching is infused with her own depth of experiential knowledge, inspired by her teachers and students. She has a playful approach to teaching, guiding all her students, from whatever level they may be, to expand and deepen their understanding of yoga at their own pace.

The influence of yoga for Andria goes far back into her childhood, when introduced to the art of yoga by her mother at the age of five. In her adulthood, Andria attended her first yoga class in 1989 (Sivananda Yoga). That experience had a huge impact on her, and changed her life completely, igniting her life long passion for this ancient science.

Her first teaching experience came spontaneously, whilst traveling extensively between 1993-1995, when she was invited to teach yoga at a Vipassana meditation retreat centre in Thailand. She found herself teaching up to 40 students early every morning and enjoying the experience. Returning to the UK, she decided to study yoga with Jonathan Monks and she was integral to the early developments of the Yogamonks Method.

Then in 2001, Andria fell in love with the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga. This love eventually took her to KPJAYI, in Mysore, India, to study under her Guru, the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and also with his grandson Sharath.

In 2005, she graduated from her two-year teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga with John Scott in Penzance, Cornwall. She also completed a teacher training with David Swenson in California. Whilst residing in London she attended daily Mysore Self Practice at ‘Ashtanga Yoga London’ under the guidance of Hamish Hendry and Anna Wise.

Andria went on to conduct several classes a week in London (including at Triyoga, Primrose Hill, Espirito, London Bridge and Mysore Self Practice classes in Walthamstow), and in Glasgow, before relocating to Hastings, East Sussex in 2006.  She is an Experienced (+1000 teaching hours) Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance.

In recent years, to broaden her knowledge of Vedanta philosophy, Andria spent some time living at the Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Farm Ashram, Grass Valley, California and completed an additional teacher training there.

As an advocate of a high raw ‘plant-based’ diet, Andria believes that allowing the body to cleanse from the inside out accelerates healing, especially when combined with the practice of yoga and meditation.

Andria’s other passion is music. She has recorded several albums under the name Pantaleimonsince 1999.

Ashtanga Yoga Led Classes at the Wellington Centre happen four times per week, every week. Andria looks forward to welcoming you to her classes.

To visit Andria's yoga website click here.