Mike de Souter


Mike de Souter - Pilates Equipment Instructor I was first introduced to Pilates as an nineteen year old scholarship student with Houston Ballet in Texas. At that time, like most professional dancers, we would have to report to the Pilates studio upon injury for rehabilitation; and for the most part this would be the only time we'd venture into the mysterious machine based world of Pilates. Still, to this day, injury is the catalyst for most of us to come seeking a solution but Pilates is so much more.

Everyone marvels and looks on in admiration at their favourite athlete or dancer, the 'natural' mover that draws the eye; it's an aesthetic that's undeniable and something that brings great joy to the observed and the observer ... "they glided effortlessly with the ball". We all have that right to move to the best of our potential, whatever that potential may be. Grace and a certain 'lightness of being' is not just for the chosen few.

Pilates, with it's fundamental and beautifully constructed exercises allows everyone that opportunity to learn and understand better those innate movement patterns within us all, so we too can enjoy those fleeting moments of "gliding effortlessly with the ball".

Mike studied classical ballet at Houston Ballet USA and contemporary dance at London Contemporary Dance School; leading to a twenty year career. After leaving classical ballet he was invited by Wayne Sleep to join his DASH company, which then lead to Gillian Lynne and Trevor Nunn offering Mike the leading role of Mr Mistoffelees in CATS in the West End. Many more West End shows followed.

Mike went on to qualify with London Central YMCA as a Fitness Instructor in all aspects of gym training, and with Alan Herdman Pilates where he then worked alongside Alan for a number of years.


Mike is available at The Wellington Health & Wellbeing Centre on Thursdays and Fridays


A private (1:1) session with Mike costs £50

A semi-private 3:1 session with Mikes costs £30