Valerie Dobson


Shiatsu, Rejuvance

Valerie Dobson has enjoyed an interesting and varied career as a teacher, tour director, guide, and health and beauty photographic librarian. She has completed a foundation course in psychodynamic counselling, teaches Taiji Qi Gong, and has a lifelong interest in complementary therapies. In 1998, she trained at the European Shiatsu School as a Shiatsu practitioner and later qualified as a Shiatsu teacher. Valerie has worked successfully with people suffering from neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, sciatica, leg pain, stress, headaches and depression, and finds that Shiatsu can help a wide variety of ailments.

Valerie studied with Ilaira Bouratinos, head of the Athens European Shiatsu School, who created the remarkable natural facial treatment called Rejuvance, which helps rejuvenate the face by working on the connective tissue and muscles of the face and upper body.

Valerie has held many popular Rejuvance and Shiatsu workshops in London, Battle and here at The Wellington Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Rejuvance/Anti-ageing Facial Therapy

Availability: Appointments by arrangement

Cost: £45 (there are often special offers for a course of six Rejuvance treatments, please contact Valerie)


Availability: Appointments by arrangement

Cost: £45 (Valerie works on a massage couch)

To book an appointment please contact Valerie on: 01424-447391, 07757 699707, or e-mail

All my tensions and frustrations disappeared during the treatment – in a single session – and I feel very relaxed and fresh.  The second of my treatments resulted in a fantastic sensation of energy flowing round the body, presumably because specific channels had been unblocked.  Over time my energy levels, metabolism and mental clarity have improved enormously.  I have a great sense of health and fitness, as opposed to feeling below par.
— HN
I started having Rejuvance a year and a half ago with Valerie at a time of tremendous stress when I should have been looking my worst – yet after a series of only six sessions everyone kept telling me how good I looked and that I also looked much younger! I have noticed some really significant changes – such as a more well-defined face shape and jaw line, improved skin tone and texture so I wear much less make-up than I used to – my eyelids have stopped drooping and my eyes look bigger; even my lips have increased in size! I cannot recommend Valerie’s sessions highly enough.
— JL, Hastings