Alexander Technique

Liz Jeffries discovered the Alexander Technique after suffering from back pain for a number of years. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1996.

Alexander’s discoveries are based on how the head and spine work together. We become aware of how we ‘use’ the body and subsequently can change harmful habits to decrease muscular tension, enabling pain relief and freedom of movement. It is an intelligent approach to relieving pain and postural problems as we are taking responsibility for our own health by relearning how to use the body well.

The Alexander Technique has been clinically proven for back pain via an NHS funded, gold standard randomised trial. The results were published in the British Medical Journal. It is also endorsed by BackCare.

Liz was diagnosed with Osteoporosis two years ago and has found the Alexander Technique really helpful in improving balance and co-ordination.


Mondays 2 – 8 pm (last appointment 7.00)


Private Session - £35 for forty minutes (£180 for a block of six lessons paid in advance)

Semi-Private Session (two people sharing) £30 each for one hour

Classes of Four
Weekly, hour long, sessions looking at better mobility, ease of movement, pain management, breathing and lots more.  We can also explore individual interests in a group setting. Maximum of four places available. £10.00 per session.  You may book any number of sessions from one upwards.

Liz also offers workshops on balance/co-ordination and walking.  Please call or email her for details.

Alexander Technique Practitioners