A Vital Sign Health Testing


A Vital Sign Health Testing is available at The Wellington Health & Wellbeing Centre, where conventional and complementary therapies can be used in combination to optimise health. A Vital Sign offers a range of tests in a warm, comfortable and beautiful environment, with a highly-qualified and professional Registered Nurse. Tests include cholesterol, haemoglobin (for anaemia), blood glucose, lung function, ECG (Electro-Cardiogram) and Heliobacter Pylori (an infection which is linked with stomach ulcers).

In most developed countries an annual health check is an integral part of the healthcare system. Unfortunately the NHS is lagging behind with the prevention aspect of healthcare. Prevention must be better than cure.

Cholesterol testing is a prime example of prevention. If cholesterol levels remain high for any length of time it leads to fatty deposits in the blood vessels, increasing the risk of blood clots leading to strokes or heart attacks. The blood vessels also become more rigid and less flexible leading to high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to heart problems. By testing cholesterol levels annually we can detect increasing levels and correct the problem before it causes any harm. Similarly, early signs of heart problems, gradual changes towards diabetes, anemia and lung problems can be recognized and reversed in the early stages before any permanent damage has occurred. 

Health is very precious and should not be a gamble. Annual health checks are available with large health organisations but are usually very expensive. The principle of A Vital Sign is to offer a first class service at an affordable  price. For the price of an apple a day A Vital Sign health check can keep the doctor away. The question must be-can you afford not to?

Our Health Test Practitioner