I use high quality wax that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. You have the option of firm or strip wax. All waxing, precare and aftercare products are enriched with calming and healing ingredients which help protect the skin’s natural barrier and prevent any redness or irritation. To ensure the best results, every treatment starts with a gentle cleanse and preparation of the area, and finishes with a soothing aftercare lotion.


Hollywood/Brazillian      £22

Extended Bikini                       £16

Standard Bikini                     £12

Tummy                                        £8

Full Leg                                      £22

Three Quarter Leg               £17

Half Leg                                                       £12

Underarm                              £6

Full Arm                                                     £15


Half Arm                                  £10

Eyebrow                                     £8

Lip and Chin                            £7

Lip or Chin                               £5

Nasal                                         £5

Full Face                                   £10

Half Face                                  £8

Chest or Back                          £20

Chest and Back                       £36