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Intro to TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) & Trauma Workshop

This Introductory Day is open to established shakers and new starters or therapists withing to explore a different approach to trauma healing. 

There will be a mixture of theory and practice with plenty of time to try the TRE exercises and explore the tremors in your body, ask questions and relax into shaking. I will introduce the basic theory of TRE, how tremors can be expressed in the body and how to recognise and slow down your 'defence cascades'.

When we are over stressed or experience trauma the old parts of the brain can get stuck in defence strategies increasing tension, contraction and feelings of 'stuckness'. We are on 'red alert' and prepared for fight-or-flight or freeze. TRE is a slow and safe way of naturally releasing tension and easing us into relaxation.

  • How to find your therapeutic tremors, and how to stop them

  • Learn the basic theory of TRE and how it can help with tiredness, anxiety, pain and trauma

  • How to slow down and self regulate

  • Manage intense or uncomfortable sensations when they arise

  • Learn about the defence cascades of fight-or-flight, freeze and flop

  • Explore different grounding techniques

If you already use TRE you can attend to deepen your TRE practice/theory or to start from the beginning and learn about using the tremors to support your well-being.


£70 Early Bird until 2 January 2020
£90 full price

For any enquiries please email