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CANCELLED - Freeing your Neck and Shoulders - A workshop in the Feldenkrais Method with Kate Hilder

The Feldenkrais Method uses gentle movement and directed attention to enhance ease and freedom in your everyday movement and improve posture, breathing, and co-ordination. During this workshop you'll learn how to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders by exploring simple movement sequences in lying and sitting which support lighter and easier movement of your arms, hands and wrists. By using BIG Attention and small effort you will discover how to unravel unwanted movement habits and learn new, efficient and more graceful ways to move, act and be in the world.  

Benefits also include improved performance in activities such as yoga, running, swimming, dancing, playing an instrument and singing.

There will be a tea break and time to ask questions.

Kate Hilder is a certified Feldenkrais teacher and a physical theatre practitioner.  She moved from Hastings to Ireland 3 years ago and teaches dance and voice students at the University of Limerick as well as having a public practice. 




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