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8 Week Mindfulness Course with Ruth Sequeira

Reduce stress and anxiety. 
Improve mood, sleep, health and resilience. 
Increase creativity, confidence and enjoyment of life.

A Mindfulness course is a chance to take a pause, to reflect on what’s important to you and to take care of yourself. The course integrates traditional meditation techniques with elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, yoga, chi gung and recent research into brain physiology and the effects of stress on the body.

Participants learn a range of Mindfulness practices in a warm, supportive small group environment. Mindfulness is supported by a growing body of research into the numerous benefits of this approach which include improvements in stress levels, anxiety, low mood, sleep difficulties, self-esteem, personal relationships, immune function, pain management, creativity and general enjoyment of life.

As part of the course, you are encouraged to complete approximately 30 minutes of daily practice (using materials provided) between classes in order to gain maximum benefits. All participants are provided with a handbook and guided meditation practices.

Some comments from previous participants:

“I would never have managed to get started on Mindfulness without the course, and even more importantly, I now feel I will be able to continue practicing and weaving it into my life.”

“The course was fantastic and I have learnt so much about my thought patterns and the way I am. Ruth is a fantastic teacher – calm and positive.”

“My self awareness and ability to deal with everyday life without feeling overwhelmed and anxious has improved enormously. Very illuminating course.”

“It’s changed my life. I’ve found working in a group very helpful as the other members have been open and honest. I’ve realised my anxieties are normal.”

“The time out space has been invaluable and the practices learnt have been really helpful.”

“The course has helped me to understand myself better and to forgive and value myself more.”

£140 for 8 week course including a half day retreat and materials to support ongoing practice (concessionary and supporter rates also available)

To book please contact Ruth on
Tel: 07949 547 502

Spaces are limited, if you are interested in booking a place please make contact as soon as possible.