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Blissful Fridays - Trauma Release from the Inside


TRE is a profoundly effective form of stress management. It is a simple, organic process that encourages you to leave your story at the door and simply let the body unwind using our natural mechanisms for stress release. It invites us to let go of tension leaving the body and mind relaxed, rebalanced and rejuvenated. In this workshop we will do a series of specific exercises which are designed to induce natural self-induced therapeutic tremors which generate a state of deep relaxation and release.

Trauma is anything that overwhelms our ability to cope. 
TRE is about allowing the simple wisdom of the body to heal us.

Some of the benefits of TRE:
• Feel calmer and more empowered
• Reduced stress symptoms – short fuse, headaches, sadness, overwhelm etc
• Create deeper longer sleep patterns
• Let go of chronic patterns of pain
• Feel stronger, peaceful and more resilient
• Establish a new and liberating relationship with body & mind

Who is this workshop for?

TRE is suitable for all ages and bodies – the exercises are simple and can be adapted to all. It is suitable for deep trauma and easily sits alongside any other therapy.
It is extremely effective as simple day to day stress relief and also as a therapy in itself. If meditation eludes you TRE takes away the need for cognitive process and invites the body to do the work.

If you would like to know more contact Kate 07710 261 921 or email:

What is anxiety costing you? 

Perhaps its disturbed sleep, or consistant stomach issues. Perhaps it is deep body tension or back pain.......that won't go away.

Just imagine if you could have a simple technique to help you feel calm every day…..even if life has become challenging. 

TRE (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercises) is a new and revolutionary approach to trauma release and toxic stress management. 

It is gentle, easy to learn, and extremely effective. 

It is suitable for all ages and body types, this is not a gym workout (!) and its so easy to do yourself at home!