Performed on a heated memory foam bed, with tranquil, candlelit surroundings and soothing meditation music. Warm, nourishing oil is drizzled onto the skin and hot steamed towels are used afterwards. I will create a personalised blend of aromatherapy essential oils to address your symptoms or mood on the day. I offer a combination of massage techniques including holistic, swedish, deep tissue, trigger point and acupressure. After a consultation and diagnosis, I can determine the flow of massage that will benefit you the most. Ayurvedic breathing techniques are used in conjunction with your chosen aroma, ensuring complete calmness from start to finish. An aromatherapy massage session can alleviate stress and tension, and often induce a sense of deep relaxation, well-being, renewed energy and vigour. Studies demonstrate that regular Aromatherapy massage can help with particular ailments including muscle aches and pains, skin problems, indigestion, asthma, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Full Body £75 - 90minutes

Full Body £65 - 60minutes

Back, Neck & Scalp £45 - 45minutes

Shoulder, Neck, Head & Scalp £32 - 30minutes