People often feel uncertain or worried about some aspects of their lives. Many find that it can then be really helpful to talk to an independent person who can provide them with a safe and confidential place to explore the issues which are troubling them. Counsellors are trained to help people understand more about themselves and about what is happening in their lives and relationships. They offer non-judgemental support, rather than advice, enabling their clients to develop insight into their problems.

Counselling is based on talking, listening, and the respectful, trusting relationship which develops between the counsellor and the client. The aim of Counselling is to help a client reassert control over their lives, and to do something about the feelings such as distress, frustration, anger or helplessness which might be affecting them. Often, Counselling can be about helping clients to discover the resources within themselves which they need to lead more fulfilling lives.

Through Counselling, the client has the chance to look at their coping skills and how they deal with change, loss and relationships in their careers and in their personal lives. Counselling is concerned with how we relate to others, as well as issues of personal awareness and growth. Counselling can bring up, and then look, at deep-seated feelings and emotions which might have been getting in the way of having a satisfying life.