Indian Head Massage

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This seated form of Ayurvedic head massage is traditionally used by Indian women to enhance health, wellbeing and keep their hair glossy and vibrant.  It is also known as ‘Champissage’, from ‘Champi’, the Hindu word for head massage.

Ayurvedic Massage encourages the restoration of balance and harmony to the body and mind.  The therapeutic benefits of Indian Head Massage go way beyond boosting hair health, helping to alleviate anxiety and stress by promoting a deep state of relaxation.

The treatment incorporates the use of Massage, Shiatsu and Acupressure techniques on the upper back, shoulders, arms/hands, neck, scalp and face, using both firm and gentle pressure.  This relaxes those areas while helping to rebalance body energy.  Warm oil may be used – usually coconut, sesame, almond or olive oil;  however, if oily hair is an issue, you can request an oil-free massage.

Indian Head Massage can bring about a general feeling of wellbeing, calmness and relaxation.  It stimulates improvement in the circulatory and lymphatic systems, enhances joint mobility and boosts levels of alertness and concentration.  It can be especially helpful for the following symptoms:

•  Headaches and migraines
•  Mental tiredness
•  Stress and anxiety
•  Eyestrain/eye problems
•  Anxiety
•  Insomnia
•  Stress
•  Tinnitus and other ear problems

Indian Head Massage Practitioners