Naturopathic Nutrition


Naturopathic Nutrition is a safe, holistic therapy which addresses the underlying causes of disease and supports long-term real recovery.  Natural Nutrition differs from other nutritional therapies because it treats the whole person, not just the symptoms, and offers more than supplementation to maximise health and wellbeing.

Current lifestyles cause huge stress to the body.  Pollution and poor dietary habits can mean ill health, leading to distressing symptoms:  bloating, allergies, frequent colds, skin conditions etc. Disease builds up over many years, initially at the most fundamental level – within the cells.  When we are in good health, the cells naturally defend themselves, detoxify and eliminate toxins.  In ill-health, harmful levels of toxicity become trapped within the cells.

Nutritional intervention may be helpful in the following conditions:- 

• Digestive and bowel problems: constipation (IBS, coeliac disease, diverticulitis, colitis, gastric reflux)
• ME
• Anxiety, stress and depression
• Headaches and migraine
• Insomnia, low energy, mood swings
• Arthritis and osteoporosis
• General aches and pains
• Weight loss and eating disorders
• Fertility
• Candida, cystitis and thrush
• Eczema and other skin complaints
• Coughs, colds and frequent infections
• Asthma and allergies
• Learning and behavioural issues in children
• Period problems, PMT, polycystic ovaries, fibroids, menopausal and hormonal problems

What can you expect at your consultation?  
Fiona will take a detailed case history during your first consultation which will enable you to understand how you have reached your current state of health.  Her advice will be based on analysis of your diet, lifestyle, emotions, medical and family history.  She will then create an initial Personalised Dietary Programme, individual to your needs. Particular areas addressed will be:

• Hydration and body pH
• Body temperature
• Cellular detoxification
• Blood sugar levels
• Energy levels
• Emotional/mental wellbeing
• Individual nutritional supplementation

Who can benefit from treatment? Natural Nutrition can benefit people who would like to:

•  Develop a deep level of understanding of their overall body function.
•  Maximise their health and wellbeing on a long-term basis.
•  Reach their peak energy levels.
•  Build up a permanently healthy immune system.
•  Heighten memory and concentration.
•  Conquer insomnia

Naturopathic Nutrition Practitioners