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Detox Flow Yoga

This class is suitable for practiced beginners and intermediate students.

An end of working week detox flow, come and unwind to help your body and mind release from the weeks' events, enabling you to start your well-deserved weekend with a spring in your step.

Hannah is a Hastings born, yoga teacher and owner of Old Town Yoga.

Her approach to Yoga is one in which encourages not only health and strength in the body but also a calmness and happiness within the mind. With her experience living in monasteries and ashrams around the world, she understands the importance of the individual practice, study and understanding of yoga in all its' wonderful forms.

Fully trained in Sivananda yoga, she creates a light, happy atmosphere, using the art of yoga to promote strength and happiness in mind and body. She is especially interested in how the mind can be aided by the yogic tradition and how this resonates in enhancing, kindness, happiness and joy in all aspects of life.

Yoga being about the journey rather than the goal, her classes are suitable for practiced beginners and intermediate students.

£6.50, drop-in students very welcome.

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Slow Flow Yoga

Thursday’s lunchtime flow class involves creative sequences with each posture flowing smoothly to the next. The movements are synchronised with the breath, helping to calm the mind. The slow flow allows time to focus on body alignment and breathing. The class will finish with relaxation.

  • Slow Flow Yoga is suitable for all abilities.

  • The class is drop-in so pop in when you’re free.

  • Classes offer a non-competitive and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Mats and props are provided but please feel free to bring your own.

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Our vinyasa classes are built around varied and creative sequences of postures linked by the thread of the breath in a flowing style, sometimes interspersed with longer holds. Breath focus is integrated throughout the class, helping to centre and quieten the mind, and classes may include pranayama and seated meditation

Each class is open to all levels. If you are a beginner do not worry. Every one who practices or teaches yoga was a beginner once so we are all here to support you.

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Weekend Yoga

Yoga classes for adults of any age and ability, run by a qualified teacher who trained with the British Wheel of Yoga. The lessons are friendly and informal, and the atmosphere is non-competitive and relaxed. Each session starts by working on the breath to settle the mind and body. This is then followed by a series of postures that make up the main part of the class, and concludes with a short relaxation.

£36 for six classes or £7 drop-in

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Yoga for All

Yoga classes for all adults of any age or ability. Classes are relaxed and friendly with a gentle non-competitive approach. Each session will usually include the following components:
• start with relaxing and settling
• work with the breath
• warming up and mobilising the body
• then performing a series of postures including a “peak posture”
• utilising counterposes to balance and relax the body
• winding down to end with breathing practice and deep relaxation
All students are encouraged to listen to their body and enjoy themselves.


£7 drop-in or £30 a five class pass


To book please contact Lance on 07999 554 675 or email

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